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Say goodbye to censorship and hello to freedom. Join the movement towards a more secure, private, and resilient social media experience. 

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nostr Pubkey : npub1rrduhykjp2ycsww5qhhux829tyc72m4ylvqy778sdwc8pyj2ww0sd20myt

on Telegram Channel : relay FAQ

  • Who runs this relay?
    We are a group of enthusiastic volunteers from India, came together to run this nostr relay in India and formed India's first nostr community
  • Is it a paid relay or do I need to pay to use it ?
    This relay is entirely free . No payment is involved.
  • How you cover the infrastructure cost?
    The costs are being covered by individual contributions. 
  • Are you making profit out of this?
    No ! we are not making any profit out of this.
  • Why you created this relay?
    We want to promote nostr in India and increase usage of nostr in India by offering this nostr relay to Indian nostr users
  • How I can join the team to volunteer?
    We always welcome same minded people in the group. Please DM us on nostr. Also visit nostr community in India

nostr FAQ

Nostr ( Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays ) is a simple, open protocol that enables global, decentralized, and censorship-resistant social media.

Nostr Relays are like the backend servers for Nostr. They allow Nostr clients to send them messages, and they may (or may not) store those messages and broadcast those messages to all other connected clients. Connect to first nostr relay server in India.

You will access Nostr (the protocol) via a client. Clients can be web, desktop, or mobile apps. Clients can fetch data from relays and also generate new data and push that to relays so others can read. 

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We are looking for volunteers, contributors and supporters.
Feel free to DM us on nostr to discuss further.

You are also requested to join India's first nostr community 

Pubkey : npub1rrduhykjp2ycsww5qhhux829tyc72m4ylvqy778sdwc8pyj2ww0sd20myt

If you want to talk to us about nostr in india ( Media/Tech Talks/Event Speaker )
email at : [email protected]

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